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Football has been around for well over two thousand years in some form or other. Modern football as we know it
however, is often accredited to the British, who also holds claim to the oldest football league.

Rather straight to the point, it is known as The Football League and was founded in 1888.

The Football League served as the top level league in England until 1992,

At which time the top 22 teams in the league split away and formed the well known Premier League.

There are now several other leagues, including the Italian Serie A and the German Bundesliga

and football has grown to become one of the most popular sports in the world – with some of the most dedicated fans.

Football isn’t just about the match and who wins it, though. Granted, our team winning is the most important aspect of any football fan,
but another important factor is how the match is won.

Who scores, when they do so, the tactics used that lead up to the goal and finally seeing the ball hit the net like a meteor.

There’s nothing quite like seeing your team outwit their opponents and score an unexpected or technically difficult goal,
and any decent TV editor will have the wits to show these football highlights several times before moving on.

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