Fastest Arsenal Player Of All Times

By | December 2, 2016

fastest arsenal playerFastest Arsenal Player – Arsenal is a club with gifted and skillful players but what about

speed are there any gifted speedster at the Arsenal.

To my knowledge, they are five speedsters with amazing speed these players

could even make a second string Olympic 100-meter team.

why I say that is these players do some incredible times which would make

them qualify for the Olympic.

below is the list of these players from most fastest to least fastest.

  1. Hector Bellerin the fastest Arsenal player this boy got speed Bellerin run 40 meter in 41 seconds
    faster than Usain Bolt time.

when he broke the world record Bolt 40-meter time was 4.64 seconds so could Bellerin beat the
world record holder over a 40-meter split.

  1. Theo Walcott – another fast arsenal player Walcott did 42 seconds over a 40-meter split only
    1 tenth of a second slower than Bellerin.

This time is also faster than that done by Usain Bolt Walcott also cover a 100 meter in 10.30 second.

  1. Ryo Miyaichi – this youngster is not with us anymore but he is as quick as the rest he
    has done100 meter in 10.84 second.
  2. Thierry Henry – A legend of the club he was the fastest Arsenal player in his days Henry
    has done a 40-meter split in 4.82 seconds
  3. Alex Oxlade Chamberlin – finally Chamberlin have claim to done 11 seconds over 100 meter the last time he was timed very quick for a footballer.

There you go my top five fastest arsenal player of all time let’s see if these times going to be broke anytime soon.

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